Rattle Snake Eggs

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Rattle Snake Eggs

Rattlesnake Eggs are a great appetizer that might bite back! Who can resist Jalepenos stuffed with cream cheese and tiger shrimp all wrapped in bacon and roasted! Delish! This is something I make for every occasion my friends can’t seem to get enough. For people who a little sensitive to the spice you can always substitute the Jalepenos for mini bell peppers which you can find at any grocery store. Or if you’re more adventurous you can try using hotter peppers… Just please remember I am cooking these with an oven safe pan. Please check to make sure that is what you have before throwing it into the broiler. With that said, ENJOY! 


  • Jalapenos cut in half and seeded
  • Tiger Shrimp peeled and devained 
  • Cream cheese
  • Bacon

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